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Bambiraptor yes Bambi!

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This Carinivoure was really small it was only About 2 feet long and 5 pounds Wow that was small. But This Dino was very smart it had a huge brain.

It was Found  when a 14-year-old boy stumbled upon the near-complete skeleton of Bambiraptor in 1995, in Montana’s Glacier National Park.

Now thats cool!




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T-rex Slide show


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Carnotaurus means “flesh(-eating) bull”and is one of the strangest dinosaurs to have come from South America.

. Its skin was covered with 2-inch bumps in rows about 4 inches apart, becoming larger towards the spine. Each bump was surrounded by small Spikes. Skin impressions representative of nearly the entire body length have been found, giving scientists their best information on dinosaur skin. Carnotaurus has two knobby eyebrow-horns and a small, deep shaped skullCarnotaurusthe Carnotaurus Was About 40 ft tall And 40 tons


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Pachycephalosaurus pakikefarosaurusuwas discovered around 1939 by a Montana Rancher named William Winkley . It is to date the largest Pachycephalosaurus or bonehead dinosaur ever discovered.  the bone on top of its head was over 10 inches thick. In many cases, only the thick part of these animals heads have survived to today.
Like other boneheads, , that may have been used in battle against rival members of its species, or to ram predators.
Around this dome where several bump-like studs that were probably used to attract mates.
that would have not been very useful for eating anything more than soft vegetation such as leafs and fruits.


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Hi, would you like to learn more about dinosaurs well listen in? The brachiosaurus was a dinosaur from about 60,000,000 years ago.In this report I will tell you where bones of them are most likely found and other awesome facts! Did you know they were the largest herbivore ever known to live.

Their bones can be unearthed from places all around:   Asia (China and Indonesia), North America in (Canada and United States), and Africa (Namibia). The first fossil was found in Grand River Canyon, in Colorado, by Elmer Riggs in 1900. The reason they’re found there is because most of the continents were connected millions of years ago . Also, these continents were warmer back then, and that was the perfect weather for brachiosaurus.

The brachiosaurus was gargantion! It weighed about 50-80 tons also was about 45 feet tall, and 80 feet long.A brachiosaurus had about 564 bones in its entire body and they are all hollow. Also it Ate by standing on trees and breaking them just to eat.

In conclusion The Brachiosaurus was amazing and can be found all over the world!

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Tarbosaurus Vs T-rex

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Tarbosaurus Was almost equal to T-rex in almost every way big huge ripping teeth made for breaking bones but was a little smaller then the T-rex by about 5 feet but it had length on the the t rex it was abot 50 feet long and about 27 feet tall thats big!


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The Supercroc was a prehistoric Crocidile  It could way up 12 tonnes And could be 37-40 feet long Thats Huge! they were one of the biggest dinosaurs in its perriod the alisaurus was the only thing that could match this beast.



The Short face bear

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Also called the bulldog bear, the giant short-faced bear  was undoubtedly the fastest running bear that ever lived. Rangier and longer legged than any bear today, it was about five feet at the shoulders when walking and stood as tall as 21 feet on its hind legs. Unlike pigeon-toed modern bears, its toes pointed straight forward, enabling it to walk with a fast, purposeful gait. It probably could run over 40 miles per hour despite weighing over 10,000 pounds That ways about 7 polar bears .

Arctodusarctodus_skeleton http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arctodus_simus is Where I found all of my infromation

The Wooly Rhino

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The wooly Rhino is extinct and also is from the time right after the dinosaurs died out.

They could be up to 15 feet long and way up to about 9,000 pounds. Todays almost extinct white rhino can only way up 7,200 pounds

They were one of the smaller sized animal of the time.




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The Ankylosaurus lived during the Cretaceous and late Jurassic Periods. They were a medium-sized plant eating dinosaur, growing up to 30 feet long. It had an armor of spines and spikes on its back. These bony plates helped protect the Ankylosaurus from being eaten by other meat eating dinosaurs. They also had a large, heavy tail that they could swing from side-to-side like a club to protect themselves.


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